About Las Vegas Recovery Center

Las Vegas Recovery Center is dedicated to providing innovative pain treatment as well as dignified and effective treatment programs for addictive disorders. Our goal is to foster a comfortable and supportive environment that promotes awareness and understanding so that our clients may realize their potential and experience freedom from the suffering associated with chronic pain and freedom from the disease of addiction.

We are committed to evaluating the entire family and providing recommendations based on best treatment practices–even when they can be difficult for clients and families to hear. We believe successful treatment occurs when both the client and family participate in the process and are actively involved in long-term recovery We are here to help all who suffer or have been negatively impacted by their conditions.

Levels of Care

Our evidence-based chronic pain recovery programs and full spectrum of addiction recovery programs are Joint Commission accredited. Each program offers a unique contribution to the recovery process with a common outcome: Confidence, purpose, and the freedom to live a healthy life.

Pain Recovery is a psychological process of learning how to accept pain, while reducing physical and emotional suffering. The recovery approach guides clients to consider various physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual strategies for accepting chronic pain and toward learning how to live in peaceful coexistence with it.

Las Vegas Recovery Center passionately believes that any person struggling with a substance use disorder deserves a program based on their unique history. Each client will receive an initial assessment to determine placement in our full spectrum of services. Ongoing monitoring and evaluations are imperative to ensure clients stand a solid chance of success in their recovery efforts.

Las Vegas Recovery Center is here to help. We are just a phone call or mouse click away at all times. Contact our admission counselor today! Call

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Las Vegas Recovery Center is part of the Central Recovery family of companies.  Central Recovery is dedicated to recovery from substance use disorders as well as chronic pain conditions.  This dedication generated the ideas to create direct treatment services offered by Las Vegas Recovery Center as well as a full service publishing company, Central Recovery Press.

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