New Year New You 2018

We have seven steps to help you begin your journey to sober living and stay on track throughout the year.


Realize you are not alone

There is someone out there who wants the best for you, even if you don’t feel it. Your family, friends, and coworkers want you to be healthy and happy. There are other people, like you, who are fighting their addiction, and they are working with clinicians and therapists who work every day to help. Those resources are out there for you too.


Seek out available resources

There are rehabilitation centers that can help tackle your unique and personal needs.

Las Vegas Recovery Center also has resources for those seeking a sober life.


Learn if there are underlying causes

It’s important to address underlying conditions that could have led to your addiction. Are you addicted to your painkillers prescribed for your chronic pain? Did you turn to alcohol or other drugs at an early age?


Talk to someone

Confide in a close friend or a therapist you trust. Learning how to communicate and express your feelings can help relieve stress, and the other person could offer guidance.


Take time for yourself

Find new, self-caring hobbies like reading, yoga, mediation, or jogging. Think of something that you have always wanted to try but never took time for it, such as crafts, cooking, drawing, or traveling.

If you live in Las Vegas, there are plenty of fun activities or new hobbies.


Set realistic goals

List some goals you want to accomplish while you are in treatment. Try a different therapy session, join different focus groups, or share something about yourself to others who could benefit while in their detox experience. Set goals outside of your treatment as well. Start rekindling old friendships, try to volunteer in your community, or thank someone who has helped you in a time of need.


Stay positive and move forward

Relapse can sometimes be a reality in early recovery. Cravings will be hard, and mood swings can creep up on you. If this happens, take the time to compare and contrast your life before and after substance abuse.

Think how your life is moving toward a brighter future. Take the time to thank yourself for making such a brave move to tackle your addiction.


Facts about Addiction and substance abuse

Here’s why you want to stay sober throughout the year. Addiction is a clinically recognized illness that can affect anyone at any age, and it can be deadly. According to the Addiction Policy Forum, over 21 million Americans suffer from some sort of substance use disorder.

There are over 140 drug overdose deaths and over 230 alcohol related deaths in the US each day.

Click here to learn how habit-forming substances such as alcohol, painkillers, and illicit drugs can affect your body and mind.


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