Alvin Elliott Talks About His New Year Goal and Recognizing Recovery as a Gift


  Alvin Elliott

As the Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC) Community Outreach Liaison, Alvin Elliott attends clinical conferences primarily with a focus on addiction recovery. He also is in close contact with local leaders and professionals. Monthly, Mr. Elliott engages in community events and joins discussions that are a concern in the Las Vegas area. Elliott represents LVRC’s goal to promote awareness of the disease of addiction and the Center’s treatment and rehabilitation services.

“A variety of community organizations in Las Vegas provide a much-needed service to citizens of the Southern Nevada area,” says Elliott. “Many of the constituents the groups serve depend on them for help with substance use disorder and mental illness. Being at the table to show that LVRC is a compassionate, concerned partner is a very rewarding role. As we start the New Year, my goal is to contribute to the discussion on solutions for the challenges our community faces. I am proud and honored to be of service.”

Photos From Community Outreach and Alumni Events

While engaging with community leaders and promoting awareness, Elliott also highlights the work done within LVRC’s nonprofit Alumni Association. Once LVRC clients and their families complete treatment, the Alumni Association works as a continuing resource.

Elliott is the Alumni Coordinator for the Association, and he plans events, weekly meetings, as well as recovery related workshops in an effort to encourage sober living and provide a supportive community of recovery.

“Recovery is the gift that keeps on giving,” says Elliott. “Some of our holiday presents were useful and others were not, which brings that ugly sweater to mind. Recovery, however, is the gift that you can wear and use any time in any place. This year, make sure you maintain your recovery through constant use. We don’t have the luxury of getting bored with using the opportunity bestowed upon us. Have a happy and recovery-centered New Year.”


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