The 2014 Episode Data Sheet produced for government agencies reports that a significant percentage of people in treatment for addiction leave before completion, indicating that healthy coping skills in recovery may need to come from sources other than those traditionally used by therapists. Rehab centers are employing dance, music, yoga, recovery meditation and other alternative therapies to enhance the treatment experience and provide healthy coping skills individuals can use throughout recovery. Music, in particular, is helping individuals manage stress, restructure thoughts, and revive creativity. Music can take the form of anything an individual prefers, from jazz to classical to rock and roll.

An abundance of recovery music is available for those who want to fill up on inspiration from recording artists. Most of the lyrics take the listener to places they’ve been before, which can be dark, but when the bottom line is recovery, it can bring a smile to know that one is not alone on the journey.

Here are four recovery songs that can make us smile and one that perhaps used to make us smile.

Breakaway, by Kelly Clarkson: “I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly, I’ll do what it takes ’til I touch the sky, And I’ll make a wish, Take a chance, Make a change, And breakaway, Out of the darkness and into the sun…”

No More Drama, by Mary J. Blige: “Only God knows where the story ends for me, But I know where the story begins, It’s up to us to choose, whether we win or lose, and I choose to win…”

That’s Why I’m here, by Kenny Chesney: “At one of those meetings down at the ‘Y,’ They started talkin’ about steps you take, Mistakes you make and the hearts you break, And the price you pay. I almost walked away…”

One Day at a Time, by Joe Walsh: “Well I finally got around to admit that I might have a problem, But I thought it was just too damn big of a mountain to climb, Well I got down on my knees and said Hey, I just can’t go on living this way, Guess I have to learn to live my life one day at a time…”

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