Ethical Standards and Principles at LVRC

At Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC), we are proud of our team of experts who work diligently to provide safe and secure treatment for our clients. Since 2003, our clinical and medical teams have helped thousands of individuals, families, and concerned others discover recovery through innovative and evidence-based treatments for addiction and chronic pain. As a treatment facility, it is essential to provide the utmost ethical standards and quality care to everyone who walks through the doors and into one of our treatment programs.

LVRC Ethical Standards (LPN Staff)

“When we encounter a client, we are obligated to do our best to treat them fairly and honestly, and to do no harm,” said Medical Director, Harry Duran, MD, MPH, Ph.D. “The delivery of care at LVRC is very friendly. We have a team that works very hard to develop rapport with the client.”

To demonstrate our sincerity, our facility works closely with our clients, as well as with the state of Nevada and various other distinguished organizations. We do so to verify that our care is reputable.

The Joint Commission recognizes LVRC for our quality and safety-focused care and accredits our Detoxification Opioid Treatment Program. LVRC is also licensed by the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to dispense methadone as part of the withdrawal process.

Every individual seeking the best treatment has different needs; this is why LVRC counselors and therapists create unique programs to ensure our clients reach their full potential and recovery.

“We have a treatment team that is strictly committed to ethical standards and providing quality care,” said Chief Medical Officer, Mel Pohl, MD, DFASAM. “Our team of experts are committed to providing the kind of care that we know the client needs.”

Throughout the recovery process, our ethics are a priority. We assure professional boundaries, ensure client confidentiality, and our staff is experienced and hold sufficient training and certification. Each client will always have the right to give consent before any practice or treatment plan begins.

“Ethics are important for an organization because as a client, you depend on us to provide excellent service,” said Dr. Pohl.

LVRC’s mission and goals are established in our organization, each staff member stands by the following standards.


Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC) is passionate about providing dignified and effective treatment for addiction, chronic pain, and mental health issues to individuals; their families and other loved ones. We accomplish this by providing a full range of treatment and recovery services. Our goal is to help our clients realize their potential and experience health, wellness, and recovery.


Clients – Our clients always come first.

 Customer Service – We have an uncompromising determination to provide the highest level of care, attention, and treatment for our clients and their loved ones.

Passion – We believe the key to our success is the passion and commitment our staff exhibits when working with our clients and their loved ones.

 Integrity – We expect our staff to maintain the highest ethical standards in everything they do at work and in their personal lives. The private and confidential information our clients entrust us with is sacrosanct. To breach this trust would be unthinkable.

Excellence – We embrace effective evidence-based treatment and recovery options. This includes the time tested 12-step approach, as well as evidence-based programs that produce good outcomes.

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