Las Vegas Recovery Center Alumni Association

Once clients complete treatment, LVRC continues to work with them and their families even after they leave our facility. LVRC has routine clinical recovery check ups at specific intervals post treatment. These are phone calls that will typically be from the clients primary counselor and will continue for up to one year after treatment. Our non-profit organization, LVRC Alumni Association, also provides a supportive environment and resources to all of our alumni, no matter which program they participated in (Inpatient Detox, Pain Recovery, Residential, PHP, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, or Family Renewal).

How does LVRC Alumni Association work as a continuing resource to clients after treatment?

The Alumni Association hosts a variety of events, weekly meetings, and alumni-designed activities, such as hikes, picnics, games, and recovery related workshops. For those who are out of town and cannot attend Alumni meetings, the Association has video conferencing. This is not the only way the Association reaches out to former clients, the organization also shares newsletters and upcoming event email notifications.  This helps our clients stay connected, to share triumphs as well as struggles.

If you would like to join our video conferencing or receive Alumni Association email notifications, contact the Alumni Coordinator, Alvin Elliott at

Chris Hudson is a former client alumnus who came to LVRC in 2015 looking to tackle substance use. He says this fellowship had inspired him to want to find ways to help others.

“LVRC Alumni Association has instilled a newfound confidence in me,” said Hudson. “The group really inspires me to try and do a little bit better each day for myself and others.”

For anyone looking for help to battle substance use, LVRC has specialists who will work with new clients to create personalized treatment plans.

“I wasn’t forced to go to LVRC; I went on my own” said Hudson. “Anyone who is apprehensive or timid about seeking help should know that there is this network, this fellowship of people who will be behind you all the way. If you have a desire to stop using, then LVRC is there for you.”

The Alumni Association was established by LVRC as a non-profit 501(c)(3). All of the Association’s endeavors are based solely on donations.

To learn more about LVRC Alumni Association, or if you would like to donate, visit their website.

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