If you could only give someone one piece of recovery advice, what would it be?

We put that question to some of the LVRC staff who are in recovery and below are their insightful and thoughtful answers:

sobriety tip about making mistakes

“You are going to make mistakes in recovery and you’re going to make them often. You got clean, not perfect. Be gentle with yourself. You are allowed to not know things and you are allowed to make mistakes.” – Ari C.

Dr Pohl's sobriety tip

“Walk through your fear, take the leap, and trust that it will be okay.” – Dr. Mel Pohl, Chief Medical Officer at Las Vegas Recovery Center

Recovery Tip from a Clinical Associate

“It is much easier said than done, and it sounds too simple, but really the best way to achieve long-lasting sobriety is to work the steps and be active in the recovery community.” – Clinical Associate at Las Vegas Recovery Center
Sobriety tip about going to to meetings

“Go to meetings regularly and honestly share what’s going on with yourself. There’s nothing that says you have to share at every meeting you attend. But it’s important to find a home group that knows who you are and can easily recognize your voice.” – Clinical Associate at Las Vegas Recovery Center

90 meetings in 90 days sobriety tip

“90 meetings in 90 days! Getting involved is the most important thing.” – John Seeland, CEO of Las Vegas Recovery Center

Addiction recovery tip about finding a sponsor

“Be social with other people in recovery. They can serve as a great inspiration and reminder to an addict that yes, you can have an amazing life without the use of drugs. Also, find a sponsor that really gets through to you and work the steps.” – Clinical Associate at Las Vegas Recovery Center
Disease can show up anywhere recovery tip

“People who find it difficult to attain long-lasting recovery often get stagnant or complacent with where they are. A recovering addict must always remember that the disease can show up anywhere.” – Clinical Associate at Las Vegas Recovery Center

Sobriety Tip from Counselor Paul Hinshaw

“People often say that the only way you can get clean is if you do it for yourself. And what I say is that it doesn’t matter initially why you stop using. The important thing is that you stop. The gift of recovery comes through even if you’re not completely engaged at first. Bring your body and your mind will follow.” – Paul Hinshaw, Senior Inpatient Counselor at Las Vegas Recovery Center
Participate in the recovery community sobriety tip

“An addict must never assume that because they no longer have urges or thoughts of using that they are somehow ‘cured’. The only way to battle a disease is through proper treatment. And that treatment begins and ends with participation in the recovery community.” – Clinical Associate at Las Vegas Recovery Center
Sobriety tip from Tiffany

“Share openly about where you’re at. Connect with a sponsor and support group. Remember: You have to do the work to see the results. Walk through struggles with your head held high and if you are thinking about giving up, remind yourself what your disease looks like. Give back to others, what was given to you.” – Tiffany Simmons, Clinical Associate at Las Vegas Recovery Center

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