Mission High School Now Accepting Enrollments

The Clark County School District (CCSD) has welcomed a new specialized recovery high school that enrolls high school students battling drug and alcohol addiction.

Mission High SchoolMission High School opened its doors this Fall to a handful of students.

The high school is similar to others with a four-year state-mandated curriculum but it also incorporates recovery programs in its coursework.

Six teachers oversee these programs, along with three licensed counselors who specialize in marriage and family therapy, substance use disorder, and clinical social work.

Throughout each school year, students will be required to attend family therapy and submit to drug tests. There are also plans to make their rehabilitation to sober living more interactive by having monthly guest speakers and activities prepared through Alternative Peer Groups, which will educate students on resources and self-care.

The recovery-focused school is not only unique to Las Vegas because of its purpose, it is also recognized as the first entirely public-funded school of its kind.

CCSD School Associate Superintendent, Jeff Horn says Mission High School became a reality after over a year of planning. During that time over 6 percent of individuals 12 years or older in Las Vegas were reported for abusing prescription drugs.

“I’ve been in education for about 33 years now and I’ve seen kids drop out, overdose, and die or end up in prison,” said Horn. “I have an emotional tie, and it was terrible that there was not an option for a child. There is now an option. They are not broken; they can recover and do great things.”

Mission High School

The school can enroll as many as 100 students and, since it is still in its infancy, will accept students as the school year continues.

“We’re building a family daily; we are building trust and relationships with our students right now,” said Mission High School Principal, Barbara Collins. “We want to remove the stigma of students coming from addiction. These kids have hope and we are already seeing excitement when they come to school.”

If you are interested in enrolling your teen, you can contact the school at (702) 799-7880 or visit the campus at 801 N. Veterans Memorial Dr.

For an opportunity to visit Mission High School, there will be a ribbon cutting and open house Monday, Oct. 23 at 4 p.m. until 7 p.m.

If you are an adult seeking recovery help, you can visit the Las Vegas Recovery Center at 3321 N. Buffalo Dr.