Professional Testimonials about Dr. Mel Pohl and His Book “A Day Without Pain”

Dr. Mel Pohl Reviews

“I have had the benefit of consulting at Las Vegas Recovery Center, where Dr. Mel Pohl is the medical director and practicing physician. Clients arrive from all over the United States, usually having already experienced multiple methods of treatment. Most of the treatments have involved multiple surgeries, extensive dosing of pain medications, or some form of physical therapy. Sadly, these clients have not experienced relief from their situation and are often in worse condition. They have less mobility, more pain, and more depression, and some have developed addiction to painkillers. They arrive scared and angry, but anxiously hopeful—one more time—that someone can take their pain away, only to become more scared and angry when they are informed it isn’t the pain that will be attended to, but the suffering.

It is the suffering that Dr. Pohl recognizes as the predominant focus for pain recovery. Recognizing that 80 percent of the pain experienced is emotional, the client is confronted with the reality that chronic pain doesn’t go away. That is, in fact, what distinguishes it from acute pain.

It is like an alarm clock that goes off and is stuck in a never-ending buzz mode, and it is the emotional responses over time that perpetuate the pain. No doubt this person has much to be emotional about; there is tremendous loss for him or her, and there is valid reason to feel anger, fear, sadness, loneliness, and so on. The paradox is that staying with the emotional pain, however righteous it is, perpetuates the physical pain. It is clear to anyone who sees Dr. Pohl in his practice that his work requires a great amount of confidence in the knowledge of chronic pain and a great amount of empathy for the confused state of the person in pain.”

– Claudia Black
Senior Fellows and Addiction and Trauma Program Specialist at The Meadows Treatment Center in Arizona.
Founder and Advisory Board Member for the National Association of Children of Alcoholics
Advisory Board member for the Advisory Council of the Moyer Foundation and its development of Camp Mariposa, a camp for children impacted by addiction
Author of, It Will Never Happen to Me and The Truth Begins with You

“With the dramatic increase in prescription opiate abuse, managing pain and addiction—particularly for people in recovery—has become a major medical issue in our society. Mel Pohl is addiction medicine’s leader in this complex area. He has provided guidelines that improve clinical outcomes and decrease consequences for these multi-problem patients. His book will be valuable reading for all in our field who deal with the complex issue of pain and addiction.”

– David E. Smith, MD
Founder of Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinics of San Francisco
Past President of American Society of Addiction Medicine
Chief of Addiction Medicine Newport Academy
Author of Unchain Your Brain

A Day Without Pain offers this timely message to those with chronic pain (and their physicians). Dr. Pohl illuminates the approach to the chronic pain patient and shows us the medical, psychological, and chemical dependency issues that must be addressed in these individuals. Dr. Pohl’s humane understanding of complex patients is well-described, with particular attention to the medical, neurochemical, psychodynamic, and spiritual modalities that bring recovery to these suffering patients. The emphasis on narcotic-free living is paramount. As a practitioner on the ‘firing line’ treating chronic pain patients, I heartily recommend A Day without Pain to anyone suffering with this mysterious illness, as well as their caregivers, family, and friends.”

Herbert Malinoff, MD, FACP, FASAM
Back and Pain Center, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan

A Day without Pain is based on the principle of ‘physician heal thyself.’ Dr. Pohl ‘walks the walk’ and ‘talks the talk’ of a drug-free approach to chronic pain management. This refreshing approach to a huge problem is long overdue and will benefit thousands of patients who suffer from chronic pain.”

Harry L. Haroutunian, MD
Physician Director, Residential Treatment, Licensed Professional Program and Clinical Diagnostic Evaluations, Betty Ford Center, Rancho Mirage, California

“In A Day without Pain, Mel Pohl explores the experience of chronic pain—from its complex multi-faceted causes to its often devastating effect on lives. Most importantly, through the stories of his patients, he illustrates routes to recovering from chronic pain’s disabling impact. Dr. Pohl’s compassionate, holistic, grounded, and honest approach to treating pain and its emotional and behavioral consequences shines through this book. I highly recommend A Day without Pain for anyone suffering from chronic pain or watching a loved one suffer.”

Jodie A. Trafton, Ph.D.
Research Health Science Specialist, VA Palo Alto Center for Health Care Evaluation
Assistant Clinical Professor (affiliated), Stanford University, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

“If you or a loved one suffers from chronic pain or chronic pain syndrome, please read this wonderful book. Dr. Mel Pohl combines all of the helpful elements—a very personal investment, a research perspective, and that of a compassionate healer. As someone diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I can only wish that Dr. Pohl had years ago been available to me as a teacher and a physician.”

Cardwell C. Nuckols, MA, Ph.D.
Internationally recognized expert in behavioral medicine and addictions treatment, Longwood, Florida
Author of Healing an Angry Heart

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