1. Getting this reaction every time you tell people you live in Vegas and you don’t drink:

2. You know that everyone is secretly imagining that your life is like this:

Sober meme

(Okay, sometimes it’s like that).

But really, most of the time, your life is like this:

Outdoor activities Vegas

3. There are actually a lot of sober things to do in Vegas. But try to tell people who don’t live here that, and they look at you like:

Vegas meme

4. You have a bunch of good reasons you don’t drink, but the biggest one is:

Passed out drunk

5. Because Vegas is a 24-hour town, “let’s hang out” often involves meeting up at 11pm.

going to bed early humor

You have to chug 7 cups of coffee just to keep up.

6. And when friends visit from out of town, you know you’ll have to time it right so that you get there before the situation dissolves into this:

Horses with crazy facial expressions

#FriendsNotSober #SoNotFunny #Help

7. You don’t visit the Strip at 3am very often, but when you do, you feel like you’re the only sane person alive.

Cat meme crazy people crazy people everywhere

But seriously. Is no one else seeing this?!

8. Finding a place to belong in this city isn’t always easy – especially at first

sobriety meme

Could use some help here!

9. And sometimes you feel you’re alone in your non-drinking status

flying solo

Where are all my sober peeps at?

10. But ultimately, you don’t care

Girl shrugging

11. Because not drinking means you get to wake up each morning feeling refreshed and energized.

And just in time to see this:

Vegas Strip at Sunrise

And this:

Sunrise in Southern Nevada

And this:

Las Vegas sunrise desert

And you get to enjoy a side of Sin City few people see: The sober side

And that’s the best feeling in the world.

Girl jumping for jo

Now it’s YOUR turn!

Let’s show the world that there’s more to Sin City than cocktails and clubs; let’s help them realize that there’s another, healthier side of Vegas, too.

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