A Tribute To Our Past Leaders

This page is dedicated to the memory of those who have made a true difference in our staffs’ and clients’ lives. We honor their accomplishments and invaluable contributions to Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC) and to the recovery community. Please take a moment to learn more about these extraordinary people who have touched the lives of many and have left a lasting legacy on our organization.

Robert Hunter

Dr. Robert Hunter was a Consulting Psychologist for LVRC and also helped oversee our Family Renewal Program. He was well recognized as a leading gambling addiction specialist. Dr. Hunter received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1976. His doctorate in clinical psychology was awarded from the University of Nevada, Reno in 1982. He was the founder and director of Nevada Psychological Associates, Inc. and the cofounder and clinical director of Problem Gambling consultants, Inc.

Along with Dr. Custer, Dr. Hunter designed and directed the nation’s largest gambling treatment center. More gambling patients have been treated at this program than any other in the world. Dr. Hunter was known for his sense of humor and the passion he had for the work he did with those seeking recovery.

Bob Gray

Bob Gray was the Senior Vice President of Communications for Central Recovery (CR) and Publisher of Central Recovery Press (CRP), and worked in the addiction and mental health field for over twenty years.

He helped develop the Basic Text of Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and he proudly served as a founding member of the Executive Committee of the Board of the Foundation for Recovery, Inc. He directed the strategic marketing and communications policies for CR and LVRC and guided CRP to be a recovery company first and a publishing company second. Bob was much loved and will always be remembered for his quick wit and his dedication to recovery.

Bobby Rehmar

Bobby Rehmar was a committed member of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and was passionate about recovery. His love and compassion for recovery often motivated him to let new-to-recovery individuals reside in the home that he shared with his wife, Sydney. Mr. Rehmar sadly left our lives in 2008. Our organization hopes to carry on his belief in and love for every recovering individual. Due to his selfless work and dedication, LVRC honors him and his wife with two recovery gender-specific residences, Bobby’s and Sydney’s House.