One of the best things about the holiday season is celebrating with family and friends. But if you are in recovery, holiday parties can sometimes be a source of stress and anxiety.

Being around alcohol can lead to temptation and relapse but we have five ways you can have a good time at a holiday party while in recovery:


Choose Invites Carefully

If Uncle Joe likes to relive his crazy fraternity days every year and you think you will be tempted to join him, skip out and get together with friends for some hot cocoa and Netflix instead.


Go Early and Leave Early

Why miss out on all of the good food? Arrive early and get first dibs (and probably fewer germs). Then pull a quick goodbye and escape before someone with the bad breath corners you.


Take the Focus off Drinking

Impress your friends with your killer cup-stacking skills, spot-on impersonations or penchant for quoting movies. Your witty banter can be an entertaining distraction.


Keep a Drink in Hand

Whip up a festive mocktail and be a trendsetter. Mingle and move from group to group, so you are not stuck with someone who keeps the alcoholic drinks coming.


Have a Plan

Get in, grab your food, chat with the relatives and get out. Avoid those awkward conversations by having clever responses in mind or asking questions. After all, people love to talk about themselves. Had enough? Look at the time – you have to run!


Remember that the choice is yours; do not stress yourself out with worry. Keep things light and fun. The holidays will be over before you know it and you can After all forward to the next family reunion.