Celebrate Sobriety This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a great time to celebrate your recovery and sober living. There’s no reason to hide your sobriety, it’s time to spread holiday cheer with your friends, family, and your recovery family!


Here are 12 reasons why I don’t drink and why I want to celebrate this lifestyle:


I Feel Happier and Healthier

No more waking up with nausea and a headache after a long night of drinking. Now that I don’t drink, I can wake up each day happy and I know that I will decide how my day will turn out.


Goodbye Embarrassing Stories

I am creating memorable moments with people and not making a fool out of myself when drunk.


Health Reasons

Did you know that alcohol kills about 88,000 people each year? Excessive alcohol consumption is proven to negatively impact the heart, brain, liver, pancreas, and kidneys.


Extra Money

Instead of spending all of my extra cash on booze, I can save up for the holiday season, special occasions or emergency situations.


My Taste Buds

People say it takes an acquired taste to enjoy alcoholic beverages, but why do we hold our noses or chug to feel the buzz? I really don’t enjoy the taste.


Quality Time with Loved Ones

I can plan trips with my family and friends any day at any time. I’m not wasting my life drinking and feeling terrible afterward.


I Just Don’t like Drinking

It doesn’t make me happy; it makes me feel sad and physically ill. I have more motivation when I am sober and my body doesn’t ache as much.


It Makes Me a Bad Example

My drinking and obnoxious behavior impacted my friends, family, and children emotionally and physically. I don’t want them to be in danger or pick up harmful habits, even if it is just social drinking.


It Alters My Mood

I noticed that I was moodier when I drank more often. I would be inpatient with friends or children. When I’m not drinking, I don’t feel as sad and I’m more aware of what I say and how I act.


It Destroyed Someone I Love

I watched alcoholism take over the life of someone I love. Eventually, she went to rehab and it forced me to better my life too. I never want to hurt someone else that I love because of my drinking.


I Can Start the New Year Right

So many people make a New Year’s resolution to quick drinking and I have already accomplished that goal. This New Year, I can focus on my new resolution to volunteer more in my community.


I Am Sober

This makes me happy and I want to share this with everyone. I will celebrate it.


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