Meet Sara Kinkade, Care Coordinator for the Total Recovery Program

Bimonthly, Central Recovery (CR), parent company to Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC) and Central Recovery Press (CRP), selects an employee to be featured in the company’s “Employee Spotlight.” Employee Spotlight gives an inside look into our staff’s duties and interests. This month, CR is featuring LVRC’s Total Recovery Program Care Coordinator, Sara Kinkade.

Sara Kinkade helps supervise client care within the Total Recovery Program. This program supports those in recovery by helping them regain their independence and identities and find healthcare, and by teaching them life skills by introducing recovery and community resources.


Q. What made you decide to work for LVRC?

A. I love to help people, and I am passionate about recovery.


Q. What do you enjoy most about your current position?

A. I love being able to help my clients get their identifiers and being able to see them better their lives.


Q. Describe how your position contributes to the LVRC mission.

A. My position contributes to the LVRC mission by allowing me to help create a support system for our clients. We work hard to guide them. A strong support system will help them experience freedom from active addiction.


Q. What is your biggest success story at LVRC?

A. Being promoted to Care Coordinator, helping Total Recovery Program open and getting it off the ground!


Q. Do you have any long-term goals for the department? 

A. Continue to expand and grow so that we can provide exceptional care for our clients.


Q. How do you measure your own success?

A. I measure my own success through the success rate of my clients while they are in the program as well as when they graduate.


Q. Describe the leadership skills you feel you have.

A. I feel I have the ability to lead by example while showing my co-workers as well as our clients how to live life by always doing the next right thing.


Q. What is the wildest idea you have had in the past year outside of work?
A. Fostering two pre-teen girls. It has definitely been an amazing journey thus far.


Q. What do you like to do in your free time?
A. I love to spend time with my family. Oh and anything football!


Q. Tell us one thing that people may not know about you.
A. I would love to open a home for kids. Helping people is my passion; however, kids are my biggest passion.



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