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At Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC), we are passionate about recovery. As a nationally recognized provider of chronic pain treatment and addiction treatment programs, we genuinely care about the increasing number of individuals who are suffering from both addiction and co-occurring chronic pain.


Las Vegas Recovery Center Welcomes New Medical Director

George Gatski Chief Executive Officer Las Vegas Recovery Center FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   LAS VEGAS, NV — Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC) is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Harry Duran, MD, MPH, PhD as LVRC's Medical Director. "Dr. Duran brings a wealth...

The Practice of Being Spiritual

Game ON! By Jolene Baney What does "Spiritual Practice" mean? For me, it brings to mind my time as a basketball player, running drills over and over again, to prepare for the big game. Every year, we catch “March Madness,” witnessing the passion of those few college...

Employee Spotlight: Sara Kinkade

Meet Sara Kinkade, Care Coordinator for the Total Recovery Program Bimonthly, Central Recovery (CR), parent company to Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC) and Central Recovery Press (CRP), selects an employee to be featured in the company’s “Employee Spotlight.” Employee...

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Seven Steps to Help You Begin Your Road to Recovery

Seven Steps to Help You Begin Your Road to Recovery

New Year New You 2018 We have seven steps to help you begin your journey to sober living and stay on track throughout the year.   Realize you are not alone There is someone out there who wants the best for you, even if you don’t feel it. Your family, friends, and...

How to Find Yourself in This New Year

Sometimes You Need to Go Walkabout By Jolene Baney WALKABOUT: (Australian aborigine in origin.) A period of wandering, of variable length, undertaken as a sporadic interruption of routine life (for spiritual cleansing). If you saw the movie Australia, you remember the...

LVRC Scholarship Fund and Who It Helps

Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC) Alumni Association Scholarship Fund LVRC Alumni Association was founded as a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization in May 2010. The Association provides a supportive environment to connect new LVRC alumni with those who have more...

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