Family Renewal Program Embraces the Role of Family in Recovery

At Las Vegas Recovery, we believe that addiction is one disease with many manifestations. For families, this can be heartbreaking and often exhausting. Family members are torn between how to help and how to avoid being submerged in the chaos addiction creates. Suffering psychologically and physically, they are often coping day to day without certainty, support or direction. They may not even notice that they’re suffering, and the family unit as a whole has become dysfunctional. The LVRC Family Renewal program offers a solution. Our educational classes and peer support meetings provide a path to recovery and assist families in dealing with the situation and finding ways to cope.

Families Learn Their True Roles in Recovery

Because studies show that family involvement in treatment is critical for long-term, positive outcomes for their loved ones, we make sure the family’s overall emotional and psychological well-being is considered. At Las Vegas Recovery Center, we provide treatment for the whole family. Our interactive educational lectures encourage active participation from family members who need to express their questions and concerns. Families learn that it’s not all about their addicted loved one; it’s about the future health of the family as a whole.

Through our four-day Family Renewal Program, family members develop healthier relationships, and they learn the nuances of treatment and recovery. We provide more than a generalized or scientific overview; we use experiential methods, such as video, Power Point presentations, and family alumni testimony to bring new information to life. Passionate and engaging presenters discuss their expertise within the addiction field as well. Participants learn the true role they play in the recovery of the one they love.

Support Continues for Families in Recovery

In addition to the Family Renewal Program, families are supported at the Las Vegas Recovery Center through two group meetings outside the program. The first group meeting is open to any family member who is dealing with an addicted loved one, whether the loved one is a client of Las Vegas Recovery Center or not. Facilitated by a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, the group includes family members in all stages of recovery—some who are there just to find out what to do next and others who have been in recovery for a while and can lend a supportive hand. Abundant resources are available at this general meeting, including information on recovery and sober living options, as well as twelve-step meetings for family members.

The second meeting LVRC facilitates for families is open only to those who have gone through our four-day Family Renewal Program. With the focus being on reinforcing the tools and education provided during the program and the goal being managing boundaries and getting through the difficult stages of recovery. This group is also a way to build a recovery network. Many participants have been attending for several years and become friends and supportive buddies.

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