Intensive Outpatient Treatment at Las Vegas Recovery Center

As a bridge between a life of substance abuse and one free of alcohol and other drugs, our intensive outpatient treatment program helps clients transition to daily routines that include new behaviors and attitudes. We have designed our program for two populations: 1) Those who have recently completed inpatient treatment and are transitioning back to their homes and community; and 2) those who may not have completed an inpatient program, but who demonstrate appropriate capacity to maintain abstinence without the safety and supervision of inpatient treatment. We also make sure that participants have a stable home environment, along with a recovery support network in place. Primary counselors work with clients to help reinforce positive thought patterns and behaviors that will sustain them after treatment.

Group sessions are also part of the LVRC intensive outpatient program, and one night a week clients are asked to bring at least one loved one to Family Night. At LVRC, we believe that family involvement during and after treatment is critical for long-term, positive outcomes of addiction treatment, and we work with families to ensure client success. Participants must be free of substances twenty-four to forty-eight hours prior to starting group. If this means there will be withdrawal symptoms, a detox program must be completed first.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program Suggests Twelve-Step Programs to Reinforce Treatment

Twelve-step programs are an integral part of our intensive outpatient treatment. As a time-tested, proven method for successful recovery from addiction, twelve-step programs reinforce what individuals learn through cognitive therapy and provide a network of continuous support from peers with the same recovery goals. In addition, mindfulness techniques such as meditation are encouraged in twelve-step programs, along with service to others. LVRC also suggests that our clients identify sponsors to work with during outpatient treatment, which helps familiarize the client with the philosophy and benefits of twelve-step programs, and helps build trust and social skills. If outpatient clients are not inclined toward twelve-step programs and we are unable to help them resolve the blocks to twelve-step recovery, we help them find alternative methods of continued support and reinforcement. The goal of our intensive outpatient program is to make sure our clients are able to continue on a lifelong path of recovery after leaving LVRC.

Clients in Our Intensive Outpatient Program Receive Compassion and Respect

There may be nothing an addicted individual needs more than compassion when going through intensive outpatient treatment. Addiction can bring devastation and heartbreak, and individuals often blame themselves and others for the shape their life is in, rather than the disease they carry. The professionals in our intensive outpatient program are not only expert clinicians, we are full of compassion for those who have taken on the challenge of recovery. We know only too well how addiction can destroy people and their families. We know the fear behind letting go of addiction. And we know the hopelessness that comes from substance abuse. We are here to support those who have chosen recovery, which comes from our deep respect for the bravery that takes. Our biggest hope is that our clients will feel cared for and fully supported as they take the big step from a life of substance abuse to one free of alcohol and other drugs.