Is Addiction Therapy Right for You?

Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC) has developed a comprehensive continuum of addiction therapy designed to effectively help our clients find recovery from addiction and restore happiness in their lives.

The problem of addiction is by its very nature overwhelming to the sufferer. Because it affects the brain so profoundly, it robs the individual of an essential component of human existence: the power of choice.

When it comes to drugs and addiction, the desire to moderate or stop altogether is repeatedly overshadowed by a desire to continue—or in the event of a period of abstinence, to begin again. This behavior seems inexplicable in the face of the consequences of addiction: alienation from loved ones, a mounting sense of hopelessness, and the prioritization of acquiring and using drugs over activities that are vital to prosperity and happiness. A person battling addiction may seem to be choosing drugs over health, profession and family life, but in fact that individual is responding to a compulsion beyond his or her power to overcome.

If this describes you or a loved one, addiction therapy offers hope.

Drug Addiction Therapy Can Change Your Life

It is a common perception that drug addiction is a problem of drug consumption. If that were the case, therapy for addiction would only be a matter of enforced abstinence; the problem would be solved after a successful detox period. The reality is that substance use is at the surface of the problem.

Addiction is a response to an underlying condition, whether it is physical or psychic pain or both, that the sufferer seeks to self-medicate. Unfortunately, the medication itself becomes less and less effective, requiring greater and more frequent amounts. It is a vicious cycle that is difficult to escape without professional help and guidance.

When this cycle progresses beyond the individual’s power to moderate or stop altogether, then outside help is required. Fortunately, progress had been made in the treatment of addiction, starting with the advent of twelve-step recovery and continuing with advances in neurobiology, psychiatry and behavioral science. The key to recovery lies in exposing the fundamental condition of addiction: What is it that the individual seeks to medicate and how can that condition be healed?

At Las Vegas Recovery Center, we have seen countless cases of people locked in the seemingly hopeless cycle of addiction who have become miracles of healing. We are proud to have facilitated this healing and continue to offer it to anyone who is ready to participate in the process.

What You Can Expect from Addiction Therapy?

Addiction therapy at LVRC comprises a number of components. Each has been chosen for its research-based effectiveness as a stand-alone treatment, as well as for its ability to be integrated into an overall curriculum that we designed for maximum efficacy.

At the core of our drug addiction therapy is a carefully designed counseling model. In individual counseling for addiction, our clients are first brought to a deep awareness of the nature of addiction. This awareness provides the ongoing incentive to continue the work of introspection and examination of beliefs and behavior that are necessary for healing. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques are employed to enable a new set of responses to life events and cues that can trigger drug cravings.

Group therapy enables our clients to engage with others who struggle with addiction and are willing to participate in their recovery. We introduce twelve-step work, along with the concept of finding a spiritual perspective from which to interpret our experience. We discuss nutrition counseling and fitness as vital components to overall health. We offer an introduction to meditation in order to provide a powerful tool for stress management and greater insight for personal development. At Las Vegas Recovery Center, we embrace a spectrum of proven treatment and therapy models to help you on your road to recovery.