Central Recovery Press Author, Tom Shanahan Visits Las Vegas Recovery Center

By Tom Shanahan

I recently revisited both in-patient and out-patient clients at Central Recovery’s beautiful, state of the art Las Vegas Recovery Center campus in Las Vegas, NV.

I shared how nervous I was when I was in the same place they are now, going through treatment and seeking recovery.

I shared my experience, strength, and hope that has led me to 7 ½ years clean and sober from alcohol, drugs and recently, five years free of nicotine. I shared with their clients about my time in rehab and how seemingly little decisions I made back then to participate in the process and how the twelve-step program has become so important to my sobriety!

It was a great experience to spend some time with these individuals who are currently learning how to get and stay sober.
I also reinforced that they can accomplish anything they want in their sobriety. You can accomplish anything you want in your sobriety.

For example, I never thought I would write a book, and have it published! However, in January 2019, my book Spiritual Adrenaline: A Lifestyle Plan to Nourish and Strengthen Your Recovery will be published.

Sobriety will allow you to live your dreams!


Spiritual Adrenaline imparts the importance of a holistic approach to fitness, good eating habits, and connection to a personal higher power in order to optimize the guiding principles of the Twelve Steps and reinforce relapse prevention.