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“I never expected that I would have to negotiate the challenges and complexities of addiction in combination with chronic pain. Even though I was a behavioral health professional with a Masters degree and extensive experience in mental health and substance abuse treatment, with the onset of my own chronic pain condition, it was as if all my professional knowledge and experience disappeared. I allowed myself to become dependent upon conventional western medicine with its reliance on narcotic painkillers, lumbar epidural steroid injections, occasional episodes of physical therapy and the ever looming option of spinal fusion. I began to feel increasingly helpless, fearful, depressed and hopeless.


Through the Pain Recovery Program at the Las Vegas Recovery Center, I received state-of-the art education in the dynamics of pain and learned a range of alternative methods to manage my pain level. At LVRC, I experienced a diverse array of holistic therapies, including: assisted stretching; massage; acupuncture; Reiki; Qi Gong; yoga; targeted chiropractic, and physical therapy techniques I had never even heard of previously. Exposure to this comprehensive range of therapeutic modalities helped to significantly jump start my healing process. Perhaps most importantly, I was empowered to become much more actively involved in the management of my chronic pain, and began to take ownership of it. In addition to physical interventions and techniques, treatment included changing the ways in which I think about my pain and react to it.

The LVRC Pain Recovery Program helped me to clearly understand the important distinctions between pain and suffering, I have been able to decrease my level of suffering by identifying and modifying my internal self-talk and the ways in which I interpret the pain I experience. Consequently, my overall level of stress is lowered as well, which often has a further positive impact on my coping capacity and functioning. I still have pain regularly, but I deal with it very differently. It no longer debilitates me, dictates my activities or controls my life. Treatment at LVRC basically gave me back my life. I will always be deeply grateful to the program and its spectacular staff.”

Dan Mager’s Testimonial to Las Vegas Recovery Center’s Inpatient Chronic Pain Recovery Treatment Program.

Hi, I just wanted you to know that once again I was reminded of how grateful I am for the EDUCATION I received while in LVRC.   I had to have surgery in September and I was worried about what my body would do when they gave me pain medication.  I just didn’t know what would happen and I was afraid of the worst.  I never,ever want to have to go through withdrawal again.  Well everything went so well. The doctor totally understood my fear and promised me she would NOT let me have any  more medication for pain than I HAD to have.  As it was I only had 1 shot in my IV for pain right after surgery and  the rest of that day I only had  strong Advil.  I did so good.  But I remembered we talked about having pain meds  after surgery in one of our classes and when I remembered that I put my mind at ease and the fear went away.  I am so glad we talked about that.  Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to educate us on how to live after we left LVRC.  Freeing us was wonderful and then educating us for our life after LVRC was so very gracious and thoughtful of you. We owe you so much more  than we could ever repay you.  God’s very BEST BLESSINGS to ALL of you.  Sincerely, Brenda



My name is Cece and I am an addict. I attended the inpatient chronic pain program at Las Vegas Recovery Center from May 25 to August 23, 2011. I always said I would never go to Vegas on purpose, but here I am. Then when I got out here, I said I could never live out here, but here I remain to this day. It’s funny how sometimes I think to myself, “I wonder what I will be doing and where I will be one year from now?”

I knew my addiction was taking me to a deep, dark place. But I didn’t know what to do to stop it. Even though I had been through treatment before (ultra-rapid detox under anesthesia in August 2004 and Hazelden in Minnesota in October 2009) something was missing. I was treated for the chemical dependency but there was a huge shame monster on my back that paralyzed me with fear in seeking treatment once again. I thought I had “done it wrong.” Why wasn’t it sticking? At Las Vegas Recovery Center, I majored in chemical dependency with a minor in pain recovery.

My journey with addiction started with 14 surgeries. Actually, it started way before. I was very sensitive and emotional. At times, you could blow in my direction and I would topple over. I turned inward when my feelings were hurt, and I did not let anyone in. I noticed quickly after my first brain surgery that the narcotic pills I was given post-operatively very effectively took away the physical AND emotional/mental pain. I was sort of lured in by this, unaware that addiction was taking hold back in 1997. I was assaulted the summer of 1995 and my memory of this event was dispersed by the pills I was ingesting. A lot of other hurtful memories were also killed by the narcotics: losing someone close to me in a plane crash in Poland in May of 1987; losing someone else in my church family on PanAm flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988; losing people on September 11; discovering a friend after her suicide; my house foreclosing in Minnesota and having to surrender my three beloved cats in the process.

I drowned my sorrows and pain in Oxycodone and Ativan. They became my new best friends. And with them by my side (literally), I didn’t have to feel anything. I was able to manipulate my doctor in Minnesota into giving me all the meds for my physical pain. It is true what they say, that the more narcotics you take, the WORSE your physical pain gets. Then you take more because the pain IS worse.

One day in May of 2011, I went to my regularly scheduled appointment. My doctor (who I also knew because I used to work with her) cut me off cold turkey from the insanely high dosage of Oxycodone and Ativan. This sent me into a panic and within the hour I was feeling the beginning effects of withdrawal.

I tried desperately to get back to Hazelden, as this is where I was in October of 2009. I got halfway through the admit process and they looked at my history of chronic pain and traumas and recommended Las Vegas Recovery Center because of their stellar chronic pain program.(Ironically enough, it was my counselor at Hazelden in Minnesota that recommended Dr Pohl’s book, A Day Without Pain. I got it at the Hazelden bookstore!)

This weekend was absolute h***. Chazzy, the Las Vegas Recovery Center admissions coordinator, was my lifeline that weekend and was nothing but absolutely supportive and encouraging! On Monday May 23, I was at the airport to fly to Las Vegas. The captain of my flight saw how much I was sweating and vomiting and said, “You’re not getting on my plane.” I was in severe withdrawal. I told him what I was doing there and he was very empathetic. He told me to try again in the next few days and wished me well. I did make it onto a plane Wednesday, May 25 . . . and a few hours later began my journey with Pain Recovery at Las Vegas Recovery Center.

Arriving there was a breath of fresh air (105-degree air, mind you, but refreshing all the same). The entire staff was SO generous, kind, accepting, loving-I could go on and on. Thank you, Dr. Pohl and John, Carline, Lynda, Nance, James, Reva, Michele, George, Gail, Kelly and Kelly, Hortensia, Teri, Alvin, Greg, Kristin, Christina, Blake, Kilian, Keith, Jake, Eddie, Emanuel, Angela, Paul, Travis, Derek and others I may have forgotten. Never before in my history of rehabs has anyone addressed my chronic pain as they have at Las Vegas Recovery Center. The total package—groups, outside NA meetings, peer and staff support, gentle detox from opiates, acupuncture, Reiki, massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, Yoga, Chi Kung—helped me learn to deal with my pain in a natural way and prompted me to seek out other alternative methods of pain control. Las Vegas Recovery Center planted the seed of effective coping mechanisms. It doesn’t end with discharge from the facility. It is ongoing … AND I am still living in Las Vegas.

Staying connected with Las Vegas Recovery Center’s Alumi Program has been paramount in my recovery. Every Wednesday at 5:30pm, I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief at the alumni support group. I feel like I am home, and I feel comfortable. These are my peeps, after all. The first alumni event I went to was the staff/alumni softball game in October. It was a BLAST and I got to be the photographer for the fun day. It was so much fun to interact with these folks (on both teams) outside of the office.

Hey, thanks for letting me share!

—Cece H.

Cece H.

“LVRC is top-notch. The clients were great, and I couldn’t have asked for a better staff. From Dr. Pohl to the nursing staff to the counselors, I would not recommend anywhere else other than LVRC. “I’ve been to several different rehab centers. Most of those had doctors or staff who had never been through an addiction process. What I found at LVRC were people who had walked in my shoes, and they understood where I was coming from.

“The people at LVRC, or at least 90 percent of them, are in recovery. When you run into someone who isn’t in recovery, it makes it very hard to communicate. The people at LVRC were the right kind of people.

“The massage therapy, reiki, meditation, acupuncture, and everything that I went through there really helped. At first my pain level was an eight or nine, but when I left it was maybe a three or four. It made a huge difference.”


Q: What changes have you noticed in your life?
“I’ve been able to live with my pain a lot better and not focus on it so much as a villain, but accept it into my life as a part of me and then set it aside and just live with it. By my accepting it in its entirety and not denying it, it doesn’t slow me down as much, and I’m able to function better.”

Q: Has your quality of life improved?
“My quality of life is a lot better. The pain is also less since I stopped taking narcotics.”

Q: Has your level of functioning changed?
“My functioning is the same, but my pain is easier to deal with.”

Q: What would you tell others about your experience?
“If you can afford it, it will help you deal with your pain. It seemed to help everyone who was in the pain program while I was there. It was definitely worth it to me.”


After a 20-year career in motor sports, my back had finally given out. Two ruptured discs and two back operations left me with a legacy of severe chronic pain. On oxycodone for 3 ½ years, my pain steadily increased along with the dosage until I could take no more. In addition, my anxiety and depression worsened along with the pain to the point of despair. Las Vegas Recovery Center was a revelation. Within one month of treatment, my pain was reduced from a 7 out of 10 to a steady zero, yes, ZERO. I was in the throes of a classic case of hyperalgesia, thankfully with physical therapy, cognitive therapy, and classroom groups I was able to conquer and subdue my chronic pain and live with my addiction. Dr. Pohl’s care was timely, efficient and right on the money.


To the magnificent Las Vegas Recovery Center—I first discovered Las Vegas Recovery Center when a relative attended a few years prior to me. She couldn’t say enough good things about it and there was overwhelming evidence of its positive influence on her. After researching my treatment options, I chose Las Vegas Recovery Center for their pain management program and qualified specialist. During the pain program I realized things about myself that I had overlooked for a decade, and I began my evolution to recovery. The culinary staff was amazingly accommodating, the medical and nursing staff compassionate and responsive; the counselor/administrators non-judgmental with a realistic honesty. Also the support of the RT’s (Recovery Technicians) and receptionists was the icing on the cake. I became comfortable and connected with everyone for the first time. Please believe me when I say that that alone was worth it. Though I was resistant, they never gave up on me. Las Vegas Recovery Center is by far one of the most difficult, enlightening, wonderful, life changing experiences of my existence. The best decision I have made thus far. Without them I wouldn’t have 16 months clean with a renewed positive outlook on life. My appreciation is immeasurable, thank you.

Truthfully yours,



Prior to being admitted to Las Vegas Recovery Center’s inpatient program, I had attended an inpatient program for adolescents. I was twenty years old at the time and more combative and blindly rebellious than ever. The atmosphere of kids my age who wanted nothing more than to act out helped flame negativity. I felt like the lines were drawn and it was us (the kids in treatment) versus them (the staff). Las Vegas Recovery Center juxtaposed this atmosphere of conflict. Having a broader age range consisting of people who know this may be their only chance at getting clean quelled the divide between staff and patient. Having a staff that mainly consisted of people in recovery allowed the gap to be bridged even further since for me it is much easy to relate to someone who has been in the same trenches as I was. I have learned in recovery that it is vital to surround oneself with people who work their program diligently and it is my opinion that there is no better group of people as inviting, knowledgeable about recovery, or dedicated to the process as the people I met at Las Vegas Recovery Center. Las Vegas Recovery Center also address more than the “garden variety addicts.” I fully credit their pain program for educating me on how to live a full life without any mood altering medications. I had a complete spinal fusion at fourteen. My back never felt the same and seemed to get progressively worse and worse. I learned there that the drugs I was taking did more harm than good and that there are alternatives that lower the pain that I feel while also allowing me to strengthen my back, opening up a world of physical activities which I am now excelling in.Las Vegas Recovery Center’s pain program helped me go from the paradigm of a drugged up couch potato to a nationally ranked athlete. Finally, Las Vegas Recovery Center’s education on the physiological aspects of addiction helped subdue a lot of the guilt and sense of shame that is inherent with discovering oneself is an addict. Las Vegas Recovery Center helped teach me that it is not because I am weak (something my addiction loves to tell me) or immoral (although my addiction has led me to immoral things) that I am a drug addict. Their tall and handsome Medical Director, Dr. Mel Pohl, helped illustrate that it was indeed a physiological disease. More importantly, he showed me that there is a treatment for this disease—the twelve steps, meetings, service, and fellowship.
Michael L

To all the doctors and staff at Las Vegas Recovery Center, I wish to thank all that helped me during my stay at Las Vegas Recovery Center. Without you guys and ladies, I would still be a train wreck waiting to happen. With the help of the pain program, the pain book, and the expertise of the staff, I have learned to manage my pain beyond belief. I never thought I would ever feel the way I do today. It seems that I was wrong thinking that way, and I have the utmost respect for all that has helped me in my recovery. Trust me when I say that you don’t have to live in chronic pain, you learn to live with chronic pain instead. I will always be grateful and thankful to have been given this gift and will use it for the remainder of my life. Once again, thanks to all for all your help.

– Rick M.

Rick M

After a 20-year career in motor sports, my back had finally given out. Two ruptured discs and two back operations left me with a legacy of severe chronic pain. On oxycodone for 3 ½ years, my pain steadily increased along with the dosage until I could take no more. In addition, my anxiety and depression worsened along with the pain to the point of despair. Las Vegas Recovery Center was a revelation. Within one month of treatment, my pain was reduced from a 7 out of 10 to a steady zero, yes, ZERO. I was in the throes of a classic case of hyperalgesia, thankfully with physical therapy, cognitive therapy, and classroom groups I was able to conquer and subdue my chronic pain and live with my addiction. Dr. Pohl’s care was timely, efficient and right on the money.



Q: What was your experience at LVRC like?
“I was enlightened about my relationship with pain, as well as informed about hyperalgesia. Learning about hyperalgesia was really useful because that was information I wasn’t privy to before. And the fact that the drugs I was taking to help with my pain might actually be making it worse was totally new to me. It’s counterintuitive, for one thing. And when you’re severely addicted to a pain drug and in pain, it’s the last thing you’re willing to believe.

“The pain program was useful to me when I could become completely open-minded to let the information in. The information is invaluable, but until I was willing to hear the information it wasn’t of much use.”

Q: What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed in your life?
“The biggest change has been that I have been able to get my physical health back.”

Q: How has your quality of life changed?
“Before LVRC I didn’t really have a quality of life. In an unconscious way, I felt like I was waiting to die when I got to LVRC, and now I’ve got a life again. I have interest in life again. I’m just in recovery for ten months, so I’m still building a lot of stuff back like my relationships, interest in work, interest in exercise, and other things. I now have a chance to have those things again. Before I got to LVRC those things that were so precious to me were falling away in my life.”

Q: What would you tell others about LVRC’s pain program?
“It taught me to how to have a different relationship with my pain.”

Other comments:
“It’s amazing how much of what was happening to me by the time I got to LVRC was really just about dependence and misguided thinking. I thought I needed the drugs to feel better, but it was all just an illusion.”


Q: What was your experience at Las Vegas Recovery Center like?
“The program for me was a totally different way of treating my pain than what my previous doctors or Western medicine first offered me. It was totally different.”

Q: What’s different for you now?
“Everything! My body is healed, and I don’t have any pain. I have zero pain. I don’t know if those results are common, but for me they’re a reality.”

Q: What would you tell others about your experience?
“Living under any kind of narcotic medication for pain is no way to live, and there are alternatives that work and work well. The staff at LVRC is sympathetic and knowledgeable of those ways. They’re extremely helpful in sharing those ways to live the way I live today, which is pain-free and without narcotics. It’s having a clear mind and living the right way again—living purposefully.”

Q: What changes have you noticed in your life?
“I can do anything, anything. All activities are available again. I even weight-train.

Other comments:
“I didn’t really understand narcotic medication and the dependency it creates.”


Just a short note to all my wonderful friends at Las Vegas Recovery Center—11 months and no problems. I am seeing a counselor on a regular basis. I have continued all of the stuff I was doing at Las Vegas Recovery Center (acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, etc.) and my pain is now a consistent 1 or 2. I use John’s meditation tape and have done several interventions and helped people into programs. I talk to doctors all the time about Las Vegas Recovery Center and my experience.

The education was critical in my recovery, and the entire program helped me reach my goal. Chronic pain is life-changing, and Dr. Pohl has created a system to overcome and deal with it without the narcotics. I was taking 16 Percocet and 75mcg of fentanyl every day.

When I arrived at Las Vegas Recovery Center, I had the equivalent of 200mg of morphine in my system and had had 7 near-death experiences prior to entering the program. All the medication was prescribed, and I did not know how close to death I had been.

Due to my medical conditions, Las Vegas Recovery Center was the only facility that I could go to that could treat my condition. I was very fearful of withdrawal, but the staff and system made it nearly painless. Everyone on the staff was helpful, friendly and supportive and treated everyone with respect. Originally, I was injured in a building collapse as a firefighter. I had 10 surgeries in 4 years and lived in pain for almost 10 years.

Las Vegas Recovery Center saved my life and let me deal with some of the demons in my closet. I have not had a flashback from Vietnam in over seven months! Thank you for giving me back my life. Say hi to all the wonderful staff. I am currently working as a Deputy Fire Marshal, teach three classes at the college, serve on two boards and enjoy retirement.



I am a married 51 year old father of three adult children. I am also an addict. If you’re reading this you are either interested in getting help for someone you love OR you are looking for a way out of your living hell. I have lived in Phoenix, AZ my entire life. I was raised on a farm by two incredible parents along with two sisters. We had our horses and 4-H/FFA animals to keep us busy. My parents taught my sisters and me to be moral, ethical, honest and to never EVER do drugs. In other words, with the kind of life I had growing up I never felt the need to emotionally run away from anything. My life was very, very good.

I was always afraid of drugs and still am today. When I was 13 I tore the meniscus in my left knee wrestling with a classmate at school. The meniscus is the soft tissue between your femur and tibia that cushions your bones while you walk. Today it’s a simple arthroscopic surgery but in 1975 it meant a total invasive open knee procedure to fix the problem. The problem started for me when the doctor that did my very first knee surgery was a butcher and completely removed my almost perfect meniscus causing me to have bone on bone. Over the years, until I was 20, I had 19 knee surgeries by this man on both knees. I was a mess and he set me up for a long and painful life.

I quickly learned that to help with the pain my solution was in that little pill bottle as per the doctor. As I look back on it now, that was a learned behavior. One of many “learned behaviors” I would have to look at later in life. For me to feel better I would take two pain pills. What’s wrong with that? It came from a doctor, was legal and everyone knew about it. My first memory of taking two pain pills for fun was when I was 16. I took two percocet and crawled into bed to experience the high from it. I liked it. That was the first time that I remember not telling my parents that I took them and that was the beginning of my addict thinking. At 18 as a senior in high school with pills in my pocket I do remember having the thought that if I ever put a needle in my arm I would never stop. Thank God I never did that.

After graduation I got a very high profile job in radio and television and have spent a lifetime building a career in the public eye. My personality is such that I have never met a stranger and I could hide my insecurities and secrets behind a large and confident personality. Yes, I had multiple doctors in the 80s before everything was linked up by computers. Because I didn’t look like what people thought addicts looked like and because I could present myself in a way that was responsible and professional, AND the fact that I had bone on bone in both knees I had a license to get whatever I wanted because in the doctors eyes I had a legitimate problem. When I look at myself in the mirror today, I see every addict. I have learned that there aren’t any differences in any of us. We may drive different cars and take different roads to get there but we all end up in the same place: jails, institutions and death.

I mentioned earlier that I never felt the need to emotionally run away from anything. That is until my innocent dependence on opiates turned on me and that dependence silently turned me into a monster addict. All the things people do to survive in active addiction I did. I was totally reduced to surviving any way I could, just like an animal. I lied, cheated and stole from anyone. Going into someone’s home I would wait until the guest bathroom was occupied so that I could ask my host if there was another restroom. Yes they said. down the hall to the right. It’s our master bath. I immediately would go through their medicine cabinet to see what was there.

Skip ahead 35 years to 2009. I’m now 49 and have had a total of 41 knee surgeries. Both knees have been replaced and I was now on massive amounts of Methadone, Oxycodone, Soma and Ambien. It all came from my drug dealer, my doctor and was filled at my crack house, my pharmacy. In the end this addiction spiraled me so out of control that all I wanted to do was go to sleep to end my “emotional” pain. I was now suffering from emotional pain because I COULD NOT STOP and it was destroying my wife and three kids. My physical pain should have been gone because of metal knees, however . . . I had been taking opiates for so long that the narcotic actually had the opposite effect on me as it does on everyone else. It causes the body to be in agony from head to toe. It’s called “Opiate-induced hyperalgesia” and I learned that at Las Vegas Recovery Center. I was taking so much stuff that there was no way to stop. I was powerless over this monster and I was prepared on May 14, 2009 to do what I was going to do just so I could sleep and not hurt anymore. In the process I lost the respect and dignity of my family and respect for myself.

On that morning of May 14 a miracle happened that saved my life and redirected it. That was the day I found out about Las Vegas Recovery Center. I was told that Dr. Pohl was the foremost doctor for methadone and pain pill addiction and I knew that if I couldn’t find a way to get there that I was a dead man. I picked up that 1000 pound phone and spoke to Josh Koop, a young man who gave me hope, and Josh helped me to get into detox and rehab at Las Vegas Recovery Center. That was over three years ago and because of everyone at Las Vegas Recovery Center, I was able to go through the process of detox very safely and humanely. Thanks to the hands-on attention that I so desperately needed and received from the staff, I was able to feel safe for the first time in my life. Little did I realize that “The Gift of Desperation” was the very thing I needed to alter the course of my life. Since my problems started so young I never had the chance to grow into a normal thinking young man and adult. Everything I have learned about my life had been a lie. The way I thought, the way I lived, the things I did to get those pills was all a lie. It was all a lie in the sense that what people saw in me was not the broken lost person I really was. I just didn’t know what I didn’t know. The doctors, counselors and staff at Las Vegas Recovery Center gave me hope and the belief that the journey I was about to start was going to be an E-ticket ride. They weren’t kidding.
As you start this process you will learn about the Twelve Steps of Recovery. You might have heard of the Steps before and like me didn’t know anything about them. The Twelve Steps have helped me to learn a different way of thinking. A way of thinking that brings peace to my life and more importantly in my mind. I have also learned, like the addict before and after me, that it isn’t our fault this has happened to us but it is our responsibility to correct it. I learned the very first day while in intake at Las Vegas Recovery Center that I did not have the power to change my life on my own but that with the help of the experts like Dr. Pohl and the Las Vegas Recovery Center staff I could find a way out of the insanity. Dr. Pohl told me to trust him and I did.

Today at the age of 51 my family is learning to trust me again. They will sometimes ask questions about this “new” me and sometimes I have to tell them that I can’t explain what it is like to be this age, to have a normal everyday experience . . . for the very first time. Does my family understand me today? Sometimes they don’t because no one can relate to the pain and agony of addiction unless you have been through it yourself. Do I understand myself today? Not all the time. But I’m learning and learning why I did some of those things. I am learning everyday that my way of thinking can and will get me into trouble. I am also learning not to be afraid of who I really am. Today my life is not a secret anymore and I know that I am on a journey now that had originally ended when I was 13. All those things I did while in active addiction I have made amends for and that is thanks to the Twelve Steps. I still have to deal with life on life’s terms but today I DO NOT TAKE DRUGS of any kind nor do I want to. The only pills I take are two blood pressure pills. What’s even more amazing to me is that all those obsessive thoughts about how many pills I had, when my next doctors appointment was, are completely gone. The biggest thing that I don’t have to experience anymore are the CRAVINGS. All those cravings that are driving you insane right now are gone and THAT is the MIRACLE of recovery. I know that may sound totally foreign to the addict that still suffers but it’s true.

If you are considering this investment in the rest of your life you can’t in my opinion do better than Las Vegas Recovery Center. Please know and understand that you can get over the dependence and obsession to use drugs. It will go away but you, like me, will always be an addict, and I’m okay with that. What I am today is an addiction SURVIVOR, the same as any survivor of a deadly disease, and for that reason I am grateful to call myself an addict. I have no shame about who and what I am because today for the very first time in my life I am learning to be the man that God, my higher power, wants me to be.

To be able to wake up in the morning, take a breath and realize this is an amazing new day, and NOT have the desire, thought or need to take pain pills is a freedom like I have never known. I never thought that I would ever have a life like I have today. A life FREE from the obsession and compulsion to use drugs, any kind of drugs, PERIOD!
One more thought. Sometimes I wish I could go back and experience detox and rehab again. I had so much fun getting to know those around me who were suffering the same way I was. I learned that first day at Las Vegas Recovery Center that there are people like me everywhere living in the darkness of their secret. My hope for you as you read this is that you will make that call, talk to the voice on the other end and find a safe place to go to start your new life. Maybe you’re like me, having lost all hope, but please believe me when I say YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE. THERE IS A WAY OUT. If you started using a drug so young like I did, get ready for something incredible to happen. It’s an amazing journey and you can do it.

Las Vegas Recovery Center . . . you saved my life. THANK YOU for helping me get my life on track.

—My name is Steve and I AM an addict!

Steve W.

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