Drug Death Statistics Infographic – Local Coroner’s Report

Addiction to drugs or to alcohol can ravage your relationships, destroy your finances,and wreck your confidence—but, perhaps most brutally of all, it can devastate your health. In fact, alcohol and drug death statistics show that addiction is truly lethal for a large percentage of Nevada residents.

The latest Clark County Coroner’s Report comes with some bleak and tragic findings with regard to drug and alcohol-related fatalities. In 2013, Clark County saw just over 2,500 deaths that required forensic examination—and of those, 894 were ruled to be caused by addiction and by substance abuse.

Of these deaths, an overwhelming majority were male. About 5 percent were homeless,and another 5 percent were United States veterans. Close to half were adults over age 40. 

Also worth noting: These deaths encompass suicide, but the vast majority were accidental. 

These alcohol and drug death statistics confirm that drug overdose deaths, alcohol overdose deaths, and other addiction-related fatalities continue to plague Las Vegas and the surrounding areas—which means there are still many suffering with addiction. The time to seek recovery is now; hope and healing are possible, and the life you save may be your own.


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