Referring Partners

Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC), a flagship inpatient treatment center, is nationally-renowned for both our opiate-free, inpatient chronic pain treatment program and our complete continuum of addiction treatment programs. Since 2003, our experienced and compassionate staff at Las Vegas Recovery Center has helped thousands of individuals, families and concerned others discover recovery through our innovative and evidence-based treatments for addiction and chronic pain.

Led by award winning doctor, author and medical director Mel Pohl, M.D., FASAM, Las Vegas Recovery Center’s inpatient chronic pain treatment program and addiction treatment programs continue to influence many other respected and recognized treatment centers worldwide. Las Vegas Recovery Center is located in an intimate, residential setting located near the base of the Spring Mountains in Southern Nevada.

It is always an honor to receive a referral from professionals in our community, across the country and around the world. We understand the trust that accompanies a referral and we will ensure comprehensive treatment is provided for your referred clients and their families.

At Las Vegas Recovery Center, we understand there are many options available today and appreciate any opportunity to be of services. Collaboration of professionals in treating a client often lends itself to overall better outcomes. We believe in transparency thus we invite you to be part of the process during the course of treatment for your referral.

If you are unfamiliar with our center and wish to speak to a representative, schedule a tour or receive brochures, please call (800) 790-0091. Anyone from our admissions or outreach offices is available to take your call 7 days a week!

The following is a list that includes but is not limited to professionals and organizations that we commonly work with:

  • Labor Unions
  • Workers’ Comp
  • Insurance Providers
  • Pain Management Doctors
  • Other Addiction Treatment Centers
  • Surgeons
  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Chiropractors
  • Individual, Couples & Family Therapists
  • Adolescent Therapists
  • Interventionists
  • Judiciary Systems
  • Outpatient Programs
  • Residential Treatment Programs
  • 12-step organizations
  • Faith Based Institutions
  • General Medicine Practitioners
  • Hospitals
  • Joint Commission
  • Life Coaches
  • Medical Detox Centers

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