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Las Vegas Recovery Center: Comprehensive Treatment for Pain and Addiction

At Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC), we are deeply committed to our clients’ recovery. As a nationally recognized provider of chronic pain treatment and addiction rehabilitation programs, we are passionate about helping the increasing amount of people who suffer from both addiction and co-occurring chronic pain. Our philosophy is grounded in clinical excellence and customer service, and our primary purpose is to facilitate recovery for our clients.

With the advent of easy access to new and powerful pain medications, many sufferers of chronic pain find themselves trapped in a cycle of dependency. In medically pursuing alleviation for pain, they find that they need higher doses more often, leading them in a spiraling inability to successfully control the pain. This is where our recovery center in Las Vegas can help.

Discover Your Road to Recovery in Las Vegas

Because pain and its alleviation become paramount to the sufferer’s experience—and because as addiction takes hold, acquiring and consuming medication begins to take priority in one’s life—the individual is often overwhelmed by the intractability of his or her circumstances. Since both pain and pain medications affect cognitive function, simple and essential tasks become increasingly difficult for the individual to complete to the point that the task is no longer worth doing. Pain and drug dependency each have a tendency to isolate an individual and, when combined, often bring about devastating loneliness, depression, and hopelessness.

LVRC offers recovery in Las Vegas, bringing our combined expertise to both chronic pain and addiction. Not only do we offer highly credentialed management and staff, but many, including our Chief Executive Officer, Johanna O’Flaherty, PhD and our nationally renowned Medical Director, Mel Pohl, MD, FASAM, are in long-term recovery themselves. This enables us to bring the added vital dimension of identification and direct experience when engaging and caring for our clients.

Our Expertise

Chronic Pain Treatment Program Overview

At Las Vegas Recovery Center, we care that so many people are suffering from chronic pain with very few effective treatment options available. We recognize that prescription medications are not working for so many individuals with chronic pain. We understand why chronic pain and co-occuring long-term use of opiates are tearing apart the lives of so many individuals, families and loved ones.

Addiction Treatment Programs Overview

Are you or someone you love struggling with active addiction? Is addiction affecting your relationships with those around you? Would you like to restore happiness in your life? Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC) and its family of addiction treatment providers have developed a comprehensive continuum of care that is designed to effectively help both our clients, their concerned others and their families to discover recovery from addiction and restore happiness in their lives.

Discover Your Road to Recovery

Our Recovery Center in Las Vegas Can Change Your Life

When you are admitted to our recovery center in Las Vegas, you will have already taken a crucial first step in your recovery. In addition to helping clients pursue successful pain recovery, we also offer addiction treatment for alcoholism and other drug dependencies that also factor pain recovery as part of the solution.

Our revolutionary approach to chronic pain treatment, led by Medical Director Mel Pohl, an award-winning doctor and author, is geared toward reducing pain levels and increasing function in our clients without the use of opiates. We are pleased to announce nearly ten years of success with our approach.

Our addiction treatment program combines a strong foundation in twelve-step work with evidence-based approaches that dovetail with twelve-step principles. Together, these have repeatedly pulled our clients out of the quicksand of addiction and given them a new sense of purpose, confidence, and freedom.

Whether you have successfully managed your medication and only require recovery for your chronic pain issues, or you find yourself in the trap of drug dependency outside of co-occurring chronic pain, Las Vegas Recovery Center has a treatment program that will help you find new freedom and happiness. The simple step of admitting that you need help is a powerful beginning on the road to your new life.

Las Vegas Recovery Center of Las Vegas, Nevada has been chosen as a “Top Pick Treatment Center” by a network of mental health practitioners representing thousands of credentialed therapists and psychologists. Theravive’s mission is to facilitate a rapid connection between an individual in need of help and qualified therapists who can provide counseling.

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  • Just in case I have never said it, thank you for everything you have done for me to get me back on the road to recovery and finding myself. Brian C., Alumni

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